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Unique Ideas to Breathe New Life into Damaged Fabric

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Unique Ideas to Breathe New Life into Damaged Fabric

Blog post picture features damaged fabric featuring eagles flying over the mountains.  Unique Ideas to Breathe New Life into Damaged Fabric by Colorado Creations Quilting
Is there an afterlife for damaged fabric? You bet there is!

Have you ever accidently cut into a piece of fabric, spilled your coffee on the fabric or did some other foolish thing and damaged a piece of fabric? 

Well before you throw that expensive piece of fabric away, read on...

Fabric features eagles flying over the mountain tops.


Here's a bolt that came from the manufacturer. It had long brown stains in three different places. Half the bolt was ruined. If I had thrown it away, I would have been out quite a bit of money. Thought I’d try to sell it "as is" at a discounted price on my website. I was honest when I described it (as that IS the best policy) and customers actually bought it. You’ll see how this plays out below.

I ask my customers to send me pictures of the quilt projects they create with a product they purchased from my shop if they're up to the challenge.

Red, white and blue quilt hangs over the railing of a white gazebo with a red caboose in the background.











Stars & Strips quilt pattern

Since the Memorial Day holiday is around the corner, now’s a great time to show these wonderful quilts off.


The quilt features the United States flag surrounded by bald eagles flying in a blue sky and green mountains below.

Joanne B of Pawhuska OK said, “This is a challenge Quilt, which was to use the flag panel. I took the call of wild bald eagle panel and split it using a wave ruler and inserted the flag. The damaged lone eagle panel was cut up into the delectable mountain blocks surrounding the flag/eagle in addition to the eagle at the bottom.” [This was one of those slightly damaged panels that wouldn’t have looked good using it as a panel in one piece.] 

She goes on to say, “These quilts go thru a group I lead that has made 1275 quilts for veterans over the last 9 years. We have built an amazing village.” 

What a great way to use fabric that is damaged (cut it up and use the good pieces) and also combining several panels into one quilt.  You can see more tips on panels in my tutorial, “15 Innovative Ways: How to Use Fabric Panels”. 

She’s making a wonderful contribution for a great cause.


This quilt by Colorado Creations Quilting features a United States flag blowing in the breeze.

Bargello Flag quilt pattern


Mary Beth W. of Youngstown, OH commented, “I purchased two eagle panels from you. The photos are of the blanket my girlfriend made for my brother as his Christmas gift."


     Quilt with eagles in a nest surrounded by a green border.         Quilt features bald eagles soaring over green mountains.

Mary Beth also says, "She did a beautiful job, and he just loves it. I was so pleased to be able to find those panels at your website. Thank you for allowing me to give him a gift that he will cherish!”

I strive hard to find fabric and panels that’s going to “fit the bill”.  Quilts are cherished gifts indeed.

If you’ve purchased fabric from my shop, I’d love to see your creations and be able to share them with the quilting community (with your permission of course). You can send photos here.


 Two quilts each featuring giraffes

One final oopsy-daisy (is that how you spell this????) that turned into a new quilt pattern for me. I got a bolt of panels from the manufacturer. I wasn’t paying attention and my rotary cutter accidently slipped while I was cutting them apart to be able to sell them. 

I figured since I couldn’t sell it, I should try to selvage the panel. I created the Genna & Gerry quilt pattern. I hid the cut in the fabric by placing three 3-D leaves over the damaged area. 

3-D leaves on a quilt close up

I’ve still got 1 kit available (and it's not damaged!)


Quilty Quote:


 Quilt quote Accidents are the first step to inspiration.

If you’ve brought damaged fabric out of the depths of despair, I’d love to hear what you did with the fabric.

Happy Quilting,


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