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Lectures and Workshops

Jackie has several opportunities for your guild, shop or retreat.   She offers unique and informative lectures, workshops and trunk shows to fit your needs.

"Jackie, I really enjoyed your lecture today -- it was like a friendly fireside chat which was very easy to listen to.  Your original quilt designs and "can do" attitude are inspiring!"  -Marsha, quilt guild president

 "I appreciate how generous you are in sharing tips with our guild members.  It’s always a joy to have you in workshops :)" -Susan B. President QAQG, Boulder, CO

"A new year gives us a chance to reflect upon all of the people who brought their knowledge and creative work to our quilt club. We are grateful for you. Heartfelt thanks...Sincerely, The Castle Rock Quilt Club"

Consider these hourly lecture topics:

  • Journey into Pictorial Quilts – Jackie speaks about how no two people can have the same (quilting) journey. She shows how outside influences (outside the quilt world that is) impact your quilt journey whether you realize it or not. She gives the audience something to ponder about how their quilting hobby isn’t confined to just fabric, patterns and sewing machines.  She also brings along a wonderful trunk show. (Suggested full-day workshop: Soaring over the Rockies – learning the art of landscape quilts using strata foundation. OR Improv Landscape - fly by the seat of your pants and see how easy it is to cut loose (sorry for the pun) while creating a one-of-a-kind landscape.)

    This pictorial art quilt shows hot air balloons soaring over purple Rocky Mountains with aspen trees in the foreground   This pictorial art quilt by student Carol H. of Louisville, CO  features a mountain stream among evergreens with purple mountains in the background
    Soaring over the Rockies                Improv Landscape
  • "I wanted to let you know how much we appreciated your presentation and inspiration with your lecture and pictorial presentation to our group! I left feeling like “isn’t this a great place to live!” (all over again, after living here so many years) with all your visuals of Colorado and how you bring its beauty to life with your quilting creations. Interestingly, we did see a couple of faces that we haven’t seen in over a year!"
    -Kathy C. Common Thread Quilt Group

  • SOS (Studio Organizing Solutions) – Jackie gives super easy tips and tricks on how to get your quilting space in shape (a.k.a. organized) and keep it that way through a PowerPoint presentation. She’ll bring some show and tell too! (Suggested full-day workshop: Happy Camper – a sewing machine cover to spruce up your cleaning sewing area!)

  • On the Border – Tired of just slapping on four pieces of fabric (a.k.a. borders) just so you can call it a completed quilt top? Let Jackie inspire you with some border designs through a PowerPoint presentation and a small trunk show. (Suggested full-day workshop: "On the Border":  speed-piece tecniques for various borders and the math that goes along with it.)

    Quilt showing various pieced border options

  • Panels With Pizzazz- You bought a panel so what do you do with it now? Let Jackie motivate you with some unique designs through a PowerPoint presentation and a small trunk show. She’ll inspire you with samples of working with the panel as a whole, cutting it up and using pieces to completely transform the panel.  (Suggested  full-day workshop "Panel Pizzazz": You bring the panel and some coordinating fabrics, then we’ll discuss options on how to use it with some hands on to get you started and finally send you on your way with a solid plan to create a stunning quilt. Alternate workshop suggestion, "On the Border: creating 8-10 speed-pieced borders to enhance your panel quilt.) 


  • Color Theory  For Quilters- 

    If you are intimidated (or just a little scared) of which colors go well together, this is the leture for you! Whether you prefer pieced or art quilting, you'll leave with confidence in the color choices you make. Through Jackie's Powerpoint presentation, delve into how and why the color wheel should be your best friend; why value is so important; why some colors recede and other come forward; what tints tones, and shades are and how they affect colors and so much more. (1-hour lecture)  Additionally, if you'd like to add on an extra 1/2 hour to the lecture, you’ll gain knowledge regarding composition about such things as the golden rule, portrait and landscape view, lines, weight, scale, unity, depth, and perception plus so more all (Suggested  full-day workshop “Coming Full Circle”: Solidify your knowledge gained from the lecture by putting this fun improvisational quilt top together! No following a pattern, no sewing machine in class-what more can you look forward to? Join the workshop and see. Bring lots of fabric choices and step out of the box and into circles.

    This art quilt has circles in greens, oranges and violets (purples) on a dark green background.

  • Take the Leap-From Idea to the Printed Pattern- Ever wonder what steps need to be taken to go from an idea in your head to having a printed pattern?  Jackie will guide you through her process for making a pattern "come to life".  It just takes that first step to get started.

    Rough sketch of giraffe neck/headA quilted grow chart with a colorful giraffe
  • Game Night (or game day)-  Jackie will host a fun-filled meeting with your guild. If you want a change of pace at your next guild meeting, why not try it. Plenty of fabric will be flying and each person is sure to go home with some fabric.  It's a great way to get your guild members into smaller groups and be able to really get to know other members too.

    Quilters swapping fabric at Game Night. Trading dice and game nights

Additionally, she’s happy to teach any of her patterns or other techniques related to lectures in either half-day or full-day workshops. Depending on the technique your shop or guild would like to concentrate on, she can suggest the best workshop to fit your needs.  

Consider coordinating Jackie’s presentation with another shop or guild near you (to split the travel expenses). In addition to a lecture, consider letting Jackie host a game night (or afternoon) as a way of raising extra funds for your guild. If Jackie happens to be in your area as a vendor for a show, travel expenses can be negotiated. 

Contact Jackie for a contract outlining the above in greater detail.


Jackie has been teaching classes since 2009.  She offers beginning quilting, fusible applique, art (landscape) techniques, paper piecing, wedge-work, just to name a few.

“I love your landscapes.  I learned a lot today in class. I love your colorful sunsets...the silhouettes are so captivating.” Sue, Denver, CO

"How generous of you to offer a second class each day!  That your class is so popular comes as no surprise to me!" -Shari K., Denver metro area, CO

You can see her upcoming classes by signing up for her newsletter on any of CCQ's website pages.  

Ask your local shop to invite her for a class in your area.  They can contact her here.

You can view all classes, workshops, quilt shows and lectures that involve Jackie here.

Saturday Samplers [or Block-of-the-Month (BOM)]

Jackie has designed numerous Saturday Samplers (contact us for pictures of our numerous quilts). They’ve been shown to:

  • Grow sales
  • Help you sell fabric and kits 
  • Get a captive audience into your store on a monthly basis with Jackie’s valuable tips and suggestions 

If you prefer, she can arrange these same patterns in a BOM format for your shop. The fabric kits on our site are for retail only.

“Oh, yes!  Did I say I love the quilt design??? What other colorway might you offer??? Your First Saturday Sampler was a big success! ...You've done an amazing job keeping this season's quilt organized, btw.” Karen, Broomfield, CO [Designed BOM for quilt store.]

Commissioned Artwork

Jackie is happy to discuss and produce works of art on commission to be reproduced with the understanding some variations will occur, such as fabric selection, size and embellishments. Whether it be works to hang on a wall, or laser cuts to put on a baby quilt she can work with you. Contact her to get the process started. These pieces of art are so personal that it’s hard to give a timeframe or dollar value until we discuss your visions and thoughts. S/H not included.

So, let’s start with a conversation and go from there! Please head over to the contact page and drop us a line.