FAQs: Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download a PDF pattern?

You have two opportunities to downloand your pattern after purchase.

  1. Immediately after checking out, there will be a link to directly download your pattern. 
  2. An order confirmation email will be sent to you with a link to download your pattern.

Click on the link and the pattern will automatically download to your computer's downloads folder. If you clicked on the link and cannot find your pattern, do a search on your computer for the first part of the pattern's name (i.e. for Bargello Flag search “bargello”). Don't know how to search your computer? Do a quick google search! 

Why aren’t some of your patterns available in download form?

Please remember that our patterns are full-sized so that you don’t have the extra step of increasing the size (and decreasing your bank account!). These patterns have over-sized pattern pages or have a large number of pages. To eliminate the inevitable printing issues that would arise, we chose to keep select CCQ patterns in paper form only.  We hope you understand! At some point, we hope to offer more of our patterns in a download PDF format.

Do you speak at quilt guild meetings?

I sure do!  Head over to the Services page to get the low down on lectures, workshops, Saturday Samplers, guest teaching and commissioned artwork.

I think there’s an error on the pattern I purchased.  What do I do next?

First, check out our Pattern Corrections page to see if it has already been discovered. If not, please contact us and we will work on a correction right away if needed!

I need help with ______ technique.

We are constantly striving to get new tutorials on our site and blog posts so check back frequently. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, we respectfully ask that you Google any questions related to general quilting techniques. YouTube has tutorial videos on just about everything quilting related under the sun!

Can I sell or donate a quilt made from one of your patterns?

You can make a quilt from a CCQ pattern and donate it to a charitable use or give it to a friend for family member-I'm  sure they’ll love you for it! I do ask that you give credit on the quilt label in the following format: Pattern is “pattern name” by Colorado Creations Quilting.  Please do not sell quilts made from my patterns.  All of my patterns and projects are intended for non-commercial use only. They are not intended for making items to sell. In the interest of being fair to everyone, I do not make exceptions to this policy.  They are copyrighted for a reason. Thanks for your understanding.

Can I use your photos?

All photos on this website are either my own or I have asked and received permission to use the photos from outside sources (such as other pattern designers or fabric manufacturers).  It has taken anywhere from 1 to 100+ hours to create any given quilt photo of my own.  So hopefully you can understand why photos are copyrighted. If you still want to use a photo, please contact me and will discuss your situation.  Thank you.

Can I change my order after I submit it?

Please read the Shipping and Returns policy.

It looks like you have several discounts going on at once every now and then.  How do I take advantage of them?
You are allowed one coupon or discount

An item listed on my receipt is missing from the package.  What do I do?

We do our utmost best to make sure items are packed correctly the first time; but occasionally all is not well. Check to make sure the items were not overlooked. Some items may be wrapped in paper. Others may be stacked or folded and not immediately visible. If items are still missing, please head over to the contact page and let us know what’s missing.

I have not received my package.  What do I do?

Please read our shipping policy.


I see you have discounts.  Can I use all of them on my purchase?

It's rare that we have several discounts (a.k.a. coupon codes) to offer you at one time; but when this happens you need to choose which one best suits your needs and enter it at the time of checkout. Only one discount can be redeemed per order.  Discounts  are only good for regular priced items which are currently instock. Offers are good for dates specified and can't be applied to previously purchased merchandise.

I've changed my email address. How do I let you know the new one?

Just unsubscribe your old email address and resubscribe with your new email address.

How do I save my log-in information so check out is easier with future orders?

After you checkout, you have the option to click on “Save My Information”. This will allow you to save all your billing and shipping information. However, your credit card number is not retained for safety reasons.

What’s a fat quarter?

A fat quarter is a quarter yard cut that measures 18" x 21" rather than the standard 9" x 42" quarter yard. In Jackie’s patterns, if it calls for ¼ yard of fabric, please do NOT substitute a fat quarter as you need the length of the fabric to complete the project.

What’s a fabric stash?

If you’ve got one you already know! If you don’t you need to buy more fabric. CCQ can help with that. But seriously, it’s your fabric collection that you build up to use in a future project or leftover fabric from your last project. It can be large pieces (yardage) or small pieces (fat quarter size or smaller). It’s up to you and your personality (or storage space) as to how large the pieces and how much you save. If you don’t want to keep it but don’t want to throw it away consider donating it to a guild or club that makes charity quilts for others. (You might even be able to write it off on your income taxes!)

What are the benefits of buying a quilt kit?

  • Saves money from buying extra fabric that you won't use
  • Saves time running around looking for fabric
  • Saves the aggravation of picking fabrics

Please note that fabrics go out of print quickly.  Colorado Creations Quilting does it's best to make the best substitution possible when this happens.

What’s the difference between a block-of-the-month and a Saturday Sampler?

  • With a block-of-the-month (BOM), the customer purchases a block kit (which typically includes directions and possibly fabric to make the block) from your favorite retailer (pick me!) on a monthly basis. Some shops give the option to either pick it up or have it mailed to you.  Once you have all the blocks (I’ve seen anywhere from 9 to 18 months-it really depends on how the quilt designer puts it together), usually a finishing pattern will be provided to show you how to put the quilt together. Typically batting and backing are not supplied.
  • With a Saturday Sampler, the customer is required to stop in the shop at a certain time/day. (Most shops choose Saturday, as the name implies, but that’s not always the case.) It’s similar to a BOM in that you purchase a block and/or kit each month and finishing pattern at the end.
  • It’s different, in that you must show up on the required days.  Also, some shops require that you bring back your completed block the following month in order to keep participating.  If your block is completed, sometimes the shop will give you fabric to complete the following month’s block. Most stores make it fun by giving away door prizes, snacks (always a plus) and maybe do show and tell or give a great shop discount on merchandise only while you are in the store for the event.    
  •  It can become a real social event, as customers get to know each other and get better acquainted with the shop’s staff. I’ve known some ladies that form a small group and go out to lunch afterwards and make it into a real outing and then complete the blocks as a group later on!

Why is the fabric I received different from what I see on my computer?

We have made every effort to display as accurately as possible the colors and images of our products that appear in our store. We cannot guarantee that your computer monitor's display of any color will be accurate or images will be to scale. Also, note that fabric colors vary by dye lot. If you have any questions regarding color/scale please contact us.

If you have questions that haven’t been answered related to this web site, please feel free to hop on over to our contact page for further assistance.