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Motivational Monday: When You Can't Get to the Coast, Create Your Own Memories

Jackie Vujcich art quilt fusible web inspiration landscape quilt pictorial quilts

Motivation Monday Blog post by Colorado Creations Quilting “When You Can't Get to the Coast, You Can Create Your Own Memories” Features a sea turtle quilt

In 2020 was difficult at best. See how quilters made the most out of the situation. View the pictorial landscape quilts so that you can get inspired to create your own memories.

Lynle P. of Billings, MT said, “Here is a of photo of the finished top that I created with your turtle panel. It is a gift for my daughter. Thank you, the panel is absolutely beautiful!”  
Quilt featuring a sea turtle in the center.

I agree with Lynle that the turtle panel is stunning. Fortunately, I just received another shipment and they are available here
Quilting fabric panel featuring a sea turtle swimming under the water available at Colorado Creations Quilting

Another customer, Patricia M. of Los Angeles, CA wrote: “I just wanted to let you know how excited I was when I found your website. You had the exact patterns I was looking for. Because of COVID, I was not able to go to the east coast this summer, as I usually do. So, I’m making a quilt to remind me of the sun and sea. Thank You!”   

She picked up several of the Sand and Sea Life fabrics such as the ones below here
Combination of quilting fabrics featuring sailboats, lighthouses, seashells, sea turtles, flamingos, sand pipers and seagulls
One more customer said, “The background fabric was one of my purchases from you.  I had tried before to create the water by fusing blue scraps but was never happy with it.  This background water fabric was perfect. Thank you for your great taste in landscape fabrics. They made a big difference in my art quilt projects.” -Corky K of San Diego, CA 

Didn't she make a wonderful sea turtle of her own! Her beautiful quilts are below:
Quilt featuring a sea turtle under water.  Quilt featuring abstract ocean water

My pattern designing started by creating memories of places I’d visited in the past.  In my house, pictures either live in photo boxes or on the computer.  But when I create pictorial quilts like the ones below, they are hung to be seen throughout the year (or at least change them out every now and then).
Pictorial landscape art quilt featuring purple snow-capped mountains with a blue stream, evergreens, boulders and aspen trees by Colorado Creations Quilting

Mountain Escape is a landscape quilt loosely based on the Rocky Mountain range in Colorado. 
Dancing Dolphins quilt by Colorado Creations Quilting features dolphins jumping out of the water with a sunset in the background and a silhouette of a palm tree on shore.

Dancing Dolphins is pictorial quilt based on a memory of San Diego Bay at sunset. 
A landscape quilt featuring a silhouette of a lone saguaro cactus with a vibrant blue and orange sunset in the background by Colorado Creations Quilting

Saguaro Sunset is a landscape quilt that reflects the Sonoran Desert in Tucson, AZ. 

You can find both kits and patterns available on the website. (Fabric just rolled in for Mtn. Escape so those kits will be available by April 18th.)
Quilty Quote of the Day:

Foot prints in the sand as background with the following words:  To quilt or not to Quilt?  (That's a silly question!)
On an semi-related topic, I was quite surprised this week when I was notified by Nancy’s Notions. I’d been chosen as the April 2021 Featured Maker!  You can see more of my story there.

Jackie Vujcich is Nancy's Notions Featured Maker for April 2021

If you’ve created a pictorial or pieced quilt  about a place that you’ve traveled to, we’d love to hear about it.  Better yet, send a picture so that I can post it.

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