Two elk  silhouettes are battling below a glorious sunset.
 Display of all  fabrics needed for the Stand Off quilt kit available at Colorado Creations Quilting.  Fabrics feature richly-colored reds, golds and oranges.  The makings of a sunset sky.

The Stand Off Quilt Kit

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You too can make this awesome wall hanging which uses luscious batiks and a little bit of paint (optional). The quilt measures approximately 20" x 32". You have the option to add borders to enlarge the quilt. The pattern uses a raw-edged-fusible technique and easy painting. Step-by-step instructions and a full-sized pattern are provided.

What the kit includes:

  • The pattern “The Stand Off”
  • Enough fabric to make the quilt top (backing and batting not included). The pattern calls for 16” squares of fabric or large pieces. Not all pieces are 16” but don’t worry as I have adjusted the price of the kit for this.
  • Freezer paper -2 yards

What the kit does NOT include:

  • Paint -I suggest black Jacquard Fabric paint (can purchase through Dharma Trading Co.) OR black acrylic paint from your local craft store. I didn’t want it spilling in transit and ruining your precious fabric! Also, the brushes and other painting supplies.
  • Sharpie marker-again I would hate for it to open in transit.
  • Fusible web- I’ve found over the years that people are pretty particular about the type of fusible web they like to work with. So, I have not provided this in the kit; BUT I do have my two favorites on my website if you need some.
  • Vinyl (clear plastic)-You can purchase this in the home decorating area of your local craft store. If you don’t have one close by you, clear cellophane wrap works too (it’s just not as sturdy).
  • Any of the optional notions-well, because they’re optional and not everyone wants to use them.

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