Applique Prressing Sheet front cover available at Colorado Creations Quilting
Applique Prressing Sheet back cover available at Colorado Creations Quilting
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Applique Pressing Sheet 13in x 17in

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The Applique Pressing Sheet can be used for all fusible applique designs. It allows you to fuse pieces together as one unit by placing the pattern underneath the sheet. Then you can easily transfer the entire 1-piece unit to your project. Because the sheet is white, it’s easier to see through for tracing than other brands that are darker in color. This double-sided sheet is made from an ultra-high temperature revolutionary non-stick surface coated with Polylon. It includes instructions for its multiple uses and a free applique pattern. This large 13in by 17in sheet promotes even heat.

Many of my applique patterns use the raw-edge-fusible applique technique. This is my preferred product P.S. The best part is easy cleaning of the sheet (just rub with a used dryer sheet-the glue goo comes right off!)

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